My name is Laura Broadwater. But your blog name is Laura Tuttle? Tuttle is my middle name, and I hold it close to my heart. It comes from my Great Grandparents who served as medical missionaries in the Congo for over twenty years. Because of them, I would love to work in the medical field. Another area that I would enjoy working in is journalism and photography. Which is where this blog comes in. I’m thrilled to see and share my work on a larger scale.

I began my photography journey when I was about ten. My dad owned a Canon EOS Rebel that I would frequently run off with. The quote I would hear from my dad most often was “Laura did you lose my lens cap and SD card again.” About a year ago he bought a new Canon, so he handed down his old one to me. It’s been a blessing taking pictures beside him and going on many off road adventures to get that perfect picture. I wouldn’t be here writing this and posting these blogs if it wasn’t for him. Thank you dad.